Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Plumas Arts highlights Danielle Frid

Plumas Arts is pleased to announce a gallery opening reception this Friday, August 4, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Plumas Arts Gallery at 525 Main St. in Quincy.

For the month of August, Plumas Arts will be displaying the work of artist Danielle Frid.

“I have always had a passion for making art,” said Frid, “specifically color mixing, creating light, shadows and form, painting landscapes and animals. To me, art making is magical and therapeutic.”

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“Working out an idea for a project and putting all of the elements together feels like doing magic. It is gratifying to go through the creative process, experiment with a new medium or technique, to problem solve, or to finish a piece. Creating art brings me joy, and I love teaching others.”

Corinne West at Patti’s Thunder

Plumas Arts also coordinates the art display at Patti’s Thunder Café. For the months of July and August, Patti’s Thunder Cafe is exhibiting a show by artist Corinne West.

Plumas Arts reports that multi-media artist Corinne West captures ephemeral moments and fixes them in time through color, form, and texture. Her works in monoprint, Chine-collé, and mixed media juxtapose mystery with the temporal to generate a beguiling visual narrative.

Inspired by a lifelong study of mythology and anthropology, West said that she believes art, music and poetry reflect greater truths and affirm the connectivity of all things.

“I am compelled to work with these symbols in varying color palettes and mediums, in both an abstract and a direct approach,” said West.

The Plumas Arts Gallery and office hours are Wednesday through Friday 11 – 5 and Saturday 10 – 4. Information on more events can be found on the Plumas Arts home page at

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