Friday, December 1, 2023
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Music, Art, and French Culture Fundraising Event Set for Friday

A fusion of music, art, and French culture will descend upon Quincy this Friday from 6-11 pm in what organizers are calling Musartique. Quincy residents Zac Cogle and Kaitlyn Rangel are organizing a fundraiser at the Quincy Vet’s Hall for the “Conversations With a Squid” art installation destined for Burning Man later this summer.

A collection of French and local artists known as Les Flancocos, is poised to bring its artistic creations to the Quincy area, promising a night of immersive experiences celebrating art, culture, and collaboration.

The event, characterized by its donation-based entry system, invites attendees to dive headfirst into what organizers describe as an evening of creative wonder. With no set cover charge Musartique invites a diverse audience, inviting both local enthusiasts and frequent attendees of Burning Man to come together to support the vision of Les Flancocos.

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“An enchanting blend of art and entertainment will unfold throughout the night, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all in attendance,” said one of the organizers, Cogle. The venue will transform into a living gallery as local artists display their pieces in a silent art auction. Attendees will have the opportunity to bid on these works, with proceeds contributing to the realization of Les Flancocos’ art installation.

Wine, charcuterie, chocolate and baguettes will be provided to further immerge attendees in the cultural event and create an ambiance reminiscent of France itself. Local music duo Algo Latino and Lithium Gin are scheduled to provide melodies to promote attendees to engage in spirited discussions, savoring the nuances of flavor and sound. As the night evolves, Loup Troupe will provide pulsating beats to entice attendees to the dance floor.

“From art aficionados to those seeking an immersive experience, Musartique promises something for everyone,” Rangle expressed.

Rangel stressed that this fundraiser aims to raise vital funds to complete the Conversations with a Squid art installation. The final installation will entail 15 smaller squids surrounding a larger wooden squid. The smaller squids are still much larger than most actual squids, roughly the size of a human.

Musartique hopes to break the mold of traditional fundraisers by introducing a twist with the “Win a Date With A Frenchie” auction.

“The charismatic members of the French team, along with local personalities, will take the stage, captivating the audience with their stories and charm as bids escalate in a playful atmosphere,” Cogle explained.

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