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Eight countries in 17 days


The “Traveling Tigers” made a three-year dream come true with these Portola High School students, teachers and community members spent 17 days traveling through eight European countries in July.

Organized by teacher Amanda Osburn, chaperones Tania and Daryl Hutchins, the trip has been in the works since March of 2020. While the group members have shifted over time due to COVID, the destinations did not. The travelers included 13 area youth, three generations from Downieville, parents, and several interested community members, including a PHS alumna.

By the Seine River in Paris, France Left to Right: Lilliana Thurman, Mariah Zavala, Aurora Osburn, Julia Murray, Alexas Drolet, Jade Kennedy, and Preston Wilson. Photo by Amanda Osburn

The “Traveling Tigers,” as the group calls themselves, took off early on July 4. They had an eight-hour layover in Minneapolis, Minnesota, so EF Tours treated the travelers to a tour of the city. Arriving in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holland) the morning of July 5th 10 hours ahead of their families at home, the Traveling Tigers began their European adventure.

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On top of Mt. Pilatus near Lucerne, Switzerland, Left to Right: Aurora Osburn, Alexas Drolet, Preston Wilson, and Hannah Hadenfeldt. Photo by Amanda Osburn

Over the next 16 days, the voyagers toured through Amsterdam and surrounding areas; Munich and Heidelberg, Germany; Innsbruck, Austria; Venice and Verona, Italy; Lucerne, Switzerland; Dijon and Paris, France; London, England; and Edinburgh, Scotland. The group visited canals and castles, mountains and monuments, and palaces and popular places. They ate local cuisine and encountered culture. The group took planes, trains, and automobiles all across Europe, collecting souvenirs and experiences that will impact them for a lifetime.

The Traveling Tigers returned to the United States, arriving late in the night of July 20th with unforgettable memories in tow.

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