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Golf Report: Aug. 3 – 11

Two-Man Pick Nine, Aug. 11

The game of the day for the Graeagle Men’s Golf Association Aug. 11 was Two-Man Pick Nine. After each hole one net score from that hole must be counted, and each player’s score must count nine times during the round, plus net “skins,” with 20 players competing.

  • First place: Dave Macdonald and Mark Yuill with 63
  • Second place: Norm Miller and Nate Coates with 64
  • Third place: Steve Peterson and Mike Simpson with 65
  • Fourth place: tie between the team of Jim Reynolds and Paul Senft and the team of Jack Gilbert and Bert Bellows, both with 66

There were 4 net “skins” awarded: Jeff Monaghan with a 2 on Hole 2, Brett Monaghan with a 1 on Hole 3, Bob McIlroy with a 2 on Hole 9, and Mike Simpson with a 2 on Hole 13.

Men’s Play Day, Aug. 9

Graeagle Men’s Golf Association members participated in a Play Day Aug. 9. Because of an unusual number of players (18), the game of the day was six three-man teams (instead of the usual four-man teams) with the two best net balls counting for the team score on each hole, plus net “skins.”

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First place was won by the team of Jim Adams, Grant Mayfield, and Gary Sharrow with a team net score of 124. Second place went to the team of Norm Nichols, Bob McIlroy, and Lance Raglen with a net score of 131. Two teams tied in third place: the teams of John Grasso, Don Judson, and Bob Laxague and the team of Paul Senft, Jim Oster, and Mark Yuill, both with net scores of 135.

There were four “skins” awarded: Gary Sharrow with a net 3 on Hole 7, Jim Adams with a net 1 on Hole 8, Lance Raglen with a net 2 on Hole 10, and Norm Nichols with a net 1 on Hole 12.

Graeagle Men’s Golf Association captains John Grasso and Ron Eaton figure scores during the Play Day Aug. 9. Photo courtesy Graeagle Men’s Golf Association

Women’s Play Day, Aug. 3

On Thursday, Aug. 3, 14 Graeagle Meadows Women’s Golf Club members and one guest competed in the game of Stableford Points. Each net score was worth a certain number of points, as follows:

  • 5 points for 3 strokes under par
  • 4 points for 2 strokes under par
  • 3 points for 1 stroke under par
  • 1 point for 1 stroke over par
  • 0 points for 2 or more strokes over par

The winners were as follows:

  • First place: Michele Violett (39 points)
  • Second place: Ginger Holladay-Houston (38 points)
  • Third place: Cathy Churchill (36 points)
  • Fourth place: Cindy Hannah (35 points)

Michele Violett made the day’s only “chip-in.”

Information submitted by Graeagle Men’s Golf Association, Graeagle Meadows Women’s Golf Club

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