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Graeagle Men hold Invitational

The Graeagle Men’s Golf Association held its annual Member Guest Invitational at the end of July. This year marked the 51st playing of the Invitational. The tournament had 96 players and was divided into three flights: the Championship Flight, the White Tee Flight, and the Combo Red/White Tee Flight.

The format for the tournament was the two best balls of the four-person team, on each hole. For the Championship Flight the gross score (no handicap) was used, whereas for the other two flights the gross scores were adjusted by the players’ handicap strokes. In addition to the two-day tournament, a “horse race” was conducted July 27.

The winners of the Championship Flight were Gordon Zack, Weston Zack, Kyle Nielsen, and Anthony Miranda, with a gross two-day score of 146-143 total 289.

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White Tee Flight winners were as follows:

  • First place: Nate Coats, Kyle Mickelson, Vern Taylor, and Eric Powell; net scores of 128-130 total 258
  • Second place: Cody Wilkinson, Marshall Thompson, Cody Ward, and Greg Hinds; net scores of 128-132 total 260
  • Third place: Dan Anderson, Joe Anderson, Bruce Voorhees, and Brady Voorhees; net scores of 137-133 total 270

Combo Red/White Tee Flight winners were as follows:

  • First place: Norm Miller, Chuck Franck, Mike Irving, and Mike Xavier; net scores of 126-118 total 244
  • Second place: Don Judson, Ron Eaton, Tony Pehle, and Steve Peterson; net scores of 127-119 total 246
  • Third place: Bryan Hansen, Jerry Heushober, Lynette Heushober, and Brad Hill; net scores of 123-126 total 249
  • Fourth place: Jim Oster, Steven Oster, Dan Oster, and Brian Malison; net scores of 134-123 total 257
  • Fifth place: Jeff Monaghan, Bob Moody, Scott Pinson, and Larry Pinson; net scores of 132-125 total 257
  • Sixth place: Ray Neill, Ricky Neill, Moses Sinauti, and Paul Senft; net scores of 131-127 total 258 

In the Horse Race, the White Tee Flight champions were Dan Anderson and Joe Anderson. The Combo Red/White Tee Flight champions were Tom Balestri and Mark Verutti.

The final round of the tournament was followed by a barbecue awards dinner provided by the GMGC barbecue team at the Graeagle Picnic Grounds.

Information submitted by Graeagle Men’s Golf Club

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