Friday, December 1, 2023
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The Almanor Foundation partners with rescue groups to address feral cat population

Two Quincy animal rescue groups — Plumas Animal Welfare Society and Friends of Plumas County Animals — recently received approval from The Almanor Foundation for a $10,000 grant to implement a trap, spay/neuter, vaccinate, and return program for feral cats in Plumas County.

“The funds will be used to purchase traps [and] pay for veterinary treatment and care, medications, rabies vaccines, supplies, and housing until the cats can be released. This is the humane thing to do for these cats,” said Barbara Montandon, a PAWS director.

The first trap, spay, neuter, and release effort will take place Oct. 14. PAWS reports that it hopes to meet the needs of 100 cats at that time, with further efforts occurring periodically as needed. Monies to support this this project are being granted through The Almanor Foundation’s wildfire funds. Feral cats can become a concern in communities, especially after a disaster, according to rescue personnel. The challenges of an uncontrolled cat population require being proactive yet compassionate.

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“Feral cats reproduce at an alarming rate, and they face numerous challenges in their outdoor environment, including exposure to diseases, injuries, and parasites,” said Montandon. Cats can also pose a risk to the general population. Unneutered male cats often exhibit aggressive behavior and territorial marking. Feral cats are susceptible to various infectious diseases that can not only harm them but also pose a risk to other animals and humans. When a cat population explodes and is left unchecked, it can have a detrimental impact on a local ecosystem.

Animal rescue personnel reiterate that spaying, neutering, and vaccinating feral cats plays a vital role in controlling their population, improving their health, and safeguarding the well-being of the communities they inhabit.

Those interested in supporting additional projects and needs resulting from the Dixie Fire via The Almanor Foundation are invited to donate at

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