Friday, December 1, 2023
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Play Music on the Porch Day

Music is both powerful and universal. It can transcend barriers, cross borders and bring people together despite personal variation and geographical location.

Lisa Forcino is bringing the gift of music to Plumas County on Sat., Aug. 26 in the form of Play Music on the Porch Day.

An international event created by Brian Mallman, a Los Angeles-based artist, Play Music on the Porch Day aims to bring musicians from around the globe together, allowing them to find common ground through music.

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The event launched in 2014 quickly gained traction. By 2018 thousands of musicians from over 70 countries were participating. And now, in 2023, Forcino is inviting musicians and music lovers alike to celebrate at 3 p.m. on the porch of Crescent Country in Crescent Mills.

“My porch lends itself as a fun venue for these kinds of events,” Forcino said. But doesn’t have to be in Crescent Mills forever. “My hope is the venue could change annually — one year at Crescent Country, the next at the Taylorsville Tavern, then at a local ranch or a place in Greenville.”

Play Music on the Porch Day isn’t just for businesses. “It’s all about the porch, like in the south where it’s common practice to hangout and jam on the porch,” said Forcino.

“It’s all about the porch.”

Lisa Forcino

She encouraged all instruments, skill levels, and genres to join in on the fun in an open mic format. Whether you are a singer, soloist, band or group, the event makes an ideal place to showcase talent and share a passion for music with the community.

This event isn’t limited to musicians. If you would rather sit back and enjoy the tunes, pack your lawn chair but feel free to leave your ice chest behind.

Food will be available through Crush a Bowl and drinks (including adult beverages) available at a booth sponsored by the Historic Taylorsville Hall as a fundraiser. This is a free event but you will need to bring your instrument, sheet music and stool as well as an amplifier. Rest assured there will be electricity, PG&E willing.

Some tables and chairs will be available. To sign up for Play Music on the Porch Day or ask questions, contact Forcino at (530)284-6016.

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