Friday, December 1, 2023
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Leaders introduce the Jerry and Yvonne Kehr Education Fund 

Promoting education countywide

Leaders across Plumas County announce the launch of the Jerry and Yvonne Kehr Education Fund in partnership with The Almanor Foundation. The mission of the fund is to provide support to educational, artistic, and vocational initiatives in Plumas County, offering resources that enhance learning opportunities for students of all ages. 

“The funds will be dedicated to advancing and promoting education in Plumas County to equip our youth with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to lead fulfilling lives, contribute to society, and shape a better future for themselves and our community,” says founding member Tim O’Brien, a close friend of the Kehrs.

Betty Bishop, retired Plumas County school board trustee, and Rita Bunzell, of Sierra Pacific Industries, both founding members of the new fund, agree with O’Brien that an education fund can help alleviate the challenges faced by Plumas County, including an aging population, declining school enrollment, and a lack of skilled workforce and vocational programs.  Funds can train leaders, acquire support for youth facing social-emotional challenges, and retain skilled individuals and professionals within our community.

The objectives of this fund are as follows:

  • Provide financial assistance through scholarships, grants, and educational awards to ensure quality instruction by empowering students and teachers with the necessary tools and supplies.
  • Promote educational development by supporting programs that enhance the professional growth of educators.
  • Support vocational training through initiatives and programs that create opportunities for individuals of all ages.
  • Foster community leadership and engagement through educational initiatives that foster encourage partnerships, build leadership skills, and promote community involvement.
  • Develop and support youth activities that engage and build resilience.

“With both the individual founders and supportive companies like Collins Pines and Sierra Pacific Industries who are instrumental in the economy of Plumas County, we have great hopes that the education fund will make a huge impact in our rural community,” says Susan Bryner executive director of the Almanor Foundation.

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Donations to the Fund are being accepted at

Jerry and Yvonne Kehr, long-term residents of Lake Almanor, left an indelible mark on the community. Yvonne, a beloved 3rd-grade teacher at Chester Elementary, and Jerry, an influential real estate broker instrumental in the sales and development of the Lake Almanor West Subdivision, dedicated their lives to giving back. Jerry was a founding director of Plumas Bank in 1980. They were married for 72 years and tirelessly contributed their time, resources, and mentorship to the youth and entrepreneurs of the community, providing scholarships and funds for those striving for excellence.

A celebration of their lives will be held on August 27th from noon to 3:00 pm at the Lake Almanor West recreation area. 

For more information about the fund, please contact Susan Bryner at

Information submitted by The Almanor Foundation

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