Saturday, September 30, 2023
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School is in session countywide

Plumas County schools are wrapping up their first weeks of the 2023-24 school year, finalizing enrollment numbers, and sharing enthusiasm about the coming year.

Plumas Unified School District updates

“We are so excited for the start of the 2023-24 school year!” said Plumas Unified School District Superintendent William Roderick. “It’s always a time filled with new possibilities as students bring their unique energy to campus.” The district has brought on 19 new teachers countywide. Another change this year is a new partnership with E-Therapy Mental Health Counseling Services; this will allow all Plumas County Office of Education students to receive free teletherapy services in treating mental, behavioral, and emotional problems and disorders. “The hard work of our students, teachers, and community promises an exciting year full of growth and success,” said Assistant Superintendent Kristy Warren. To learn more, visit

Plumas Charter School updates

Plumas Charter School’s Quincy Learning Center moved into its new building last year, and PCS Executive Director Taletha Washburn said she is excited for a year of “normalcy and stability.” She also mentioned that she is excited for the school’s new staff members this year: “New energy and enthusiasm is contagious!” To learn more, visit

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Plumas Christian School updates

Plumas Christian School, a private school in Quincy, now offers kindergarten through seventh grade, and Principal Shannon Little announced that sights are set on adding eighth grade next year. “These are exciting times,” said Little. “We’ve added new teachers and more grades to a wonderful foundation of veteran staff.” She also said that a “very generous donor” provided the funding for a playground transformation including new asphalt and a section of artificial turf. “We are praising the Lord for all He has done to sustain and grow Plumas Christian School,” she said. To learn more, visit

The Plumas Sun contacted Plumas County’s fourth school, private St. Andrew’s Academy in Chester, but updates were not available in time for inclusion. To learn more, visit


Enrollment by community is as follows (PUSD and PCS provided enrollment numbers):

Chester/Lake Almanor

Chester Elementary School: 144

Chester Junior-Senior High School: 127

Plumas Charter School Chester Learning Center: 50

Indian Valley

Greenville Elementary School: 94

Plumas Charter School Indian Valley Academy: 86

Greenville High School: 16


Quincy Elementary School: 342

Quincy Junior-Senior High School: 320

Plumas Charter School Quincy Learning Center: 215


C. Roy Carmichael Elementary School: 345

Portola Junior-Senior High School: 279

Jim Beckwourth High School: 11

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