Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Sheriff’s office launches new emergency alert system

System test set for Sept. 20

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office announces the launch of a new emergency alert/management system: the Genasys Emergency Management System. The GEMS service is designed to revolutionize emergency communication and replace the county’s old Code Red system, said PSCO Public Information Officer Chandler Peay.

Plumas County residents are encouraged to participate in a system test Sept. 20 to ensure their accounts are activated and that they receive critical alerts when necessary, said Peay. “If you had previously signed up for Code Red, your information likely transferred over but we are strongly encouraging everyone to create a GEMS account and confirm all your information is true and accurate,” he said.

Peay reports that GEMS is a “cutting-edge platform” that will enhance the ability of the sheriff’s office to communicate vital information and instructions during emergencies, natural disasters, public safety incidents, and other critical situations. “This system offers a wide range of features that will enable us to keep the community safe and informed efficiently,” he said.

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During the registration process, users have the ability to customize the order in which they wish to receive alerts. To receive targeted messages by location, Peay encourages residents to add their home address when registering. Users can add multiple addresses, such as a home address and a work address. The information entered into the system is for the purposes of communicating emergency and official county information only — neither Genasys nor Plumas County will share or sell users’ information, said Peay.

Key features of the alert system include the following:

  • Multichannel alerts: Residents can receive alerts through various communication channels, including text messages, email, voice calls, and social media.
  • Customized alerts: GEMS allows residents to customize their alert preferences, tailoring notifications to specific locations and types of emergencies.
  • Community updates: Users can stay updated with community announcements, road closures, and other nonemergency information relevant to their area.
  • Mobile app: The Genasys mobile app called Protect provides users with an interface for receiving alerts and accessing information on the go.

To sign up for GEMS, visit Those who had Code Red may need to use their email or phone number and click the “forgot password” button to reset their GEMS account.

“Our primary goal is the safety and well-being of our community members,” said Peay. “GEMS represents a significant step forward in our ability to communicate critical information during emergencies.”

Anyone who has issues signing up for the system is invited to email PCSO at The email should include the user’s full name, address to be registered with the system, phone number, and email address. Staff will create an account and send a temporary password to use.

For more information about GEMS and the upcoming test, visit or contact Peay at

For more information about PCSO, visit or follow on Facebook at

Information submitted by Plumas County Sheriff’s Office

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