Friday, December 1, 2023
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Mountain Made Gatherings debuts in Indian Valley

Mountain Made Gatherings made its official debut Sept. 16 to the tunes of MacGroover, Quincy’s hottest band, from Copper Creek Camp’s Tiny Deck in a beautiful woodland near Greenville.

In spite of thunderstorms casting scattered showers over Indian Valley, vendors from across Plumas County braved the storm to provide attendees with deserts, wine and beverages, and food, including unique and flavorful culinary creations from Crushabowl, Jessie’s Joint, and Krystal’s Sweet Sensations.

Rachael Goings, Alicia Hammerich and Patrick Joseph serve a variety of adult beverages. Photo by Andrea Singer

The festivities began under a gorgeous sunset, with lights strung among the trees as MacGroover’s funky beat permeated the family-friendly ambiance. Where Copper Creek campers from around the world once gathered for summer camp, locals congregated to enjoy the music and one another’s company. From tiny dancers to old timers cutting a rug, MacGroover had everyone boogieing down. It was clear from the laughter and smiles spread throughout the crowd that this event was a welcome addition to the area. With a small fee of only $10 per car load, it was an event everyone could afford to attend.

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In addition to music and food, henna tattoos by Destiny Hanes of Greenville brought a fun element to the festivities. Local youth ran a popcorn booth.

”Dancing in the rain is the most fun! it’s my favorite,” said Lucy Rogers, 5, of Taylorsville. And she wasn’t the only one who wouldn’t let the rain bring her down. Lucy’s mother Hannah, a homeschooling mother of three students, said, “This is a great event. It’s exactly what our community needs. Our children are blessed to have a safe environment to enjoy themselves along with their families.”

If you missed this fun one, don’t fret. Mountain Made Gatherings plans to get more events like these underway. An innovative and eclectic event-coordinating outfit, Mountain Made Gatherings is the creation oof four entrepreneurial women in Indian Valley: Karisa Joseph, Sutter Rogers, Rachael Goings and Alicia Hammerich.

“We are combining event planning and supply rentals with the best Plumas County has to offer as far as catering, bands, artists and so fourth, because there is a lot of talent in our little area,” said co-founder Hammerich.

MacGroove lead singer Suzanne Demartimprey, shines on stage at Copper Creek’s Tiny Deck. Photo by Andrea Singer

The organization does complete event planning for weddings, school fundraisers and parties, including supply rentals, table and chairs. It is also looking forward to showcasing more Plumas County bands at Copper Creek as well utilizing other venues in Plumas County to bring attention to all our area has to offer, Hammerich said.

For further information check out the social media page for Mountain Made Gatherings or call/text Joseph (703-628-0310), Goings (530-394-9285), Rogers (530-258-1406), or Hammerich (530-249-3070).

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