Friday, December 1, 2023
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Sheriff issues scam alert

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office received a report Oct. 2 from a citizen about a scam involving Publishers Clearing House.

A man claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House had been calling the citizen for weeks, telling him he had won a car. The local man believed it and was on his way to Safeway to meet this person, putting his safety at risk.

Sheriff Todd Johns and his investigators intervened just in time. They found the man outside Safeway, about to mail a large cash withdrawal. The officers informed him he was being scammed and encouraged him to put the cash back into his account.

The Sheriff’s Office has issued the following information for citizens to know and protect themselves:

* Publishers Clearing House will NEVER ask for money to claim prizes.

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* Don’t mail cash or gift cards to unknown callers.
 * If someone claims you have a warrant and asks for money, DO NOT PAY. Hang up and report it to the Sheriff’s Office.
 * Scammers will often tell you not to contact your local police.
 * When in doubt, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 530-283-6300.

“We’re here to help you,” Johns said.

Please share this post to spread awareness and protect your loved ones from falling victim to fraud. “Knowledge is power, and together, we can stay vigilant!” Johns said.

Information submitted by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office

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