Friday, December 1, 2023
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Historic Taylorsville Hall to meet with Grange representatives Oct. 23

The Historic Taylorsville Hall will meet Monday, Oct. 23 with representatives from the California Grange Association in a crucial assembly that may determine the future of the beloved “heart” of Indian Valley.

California is currently in the midst of a legal battle between small communities and the state association, a battle that would greatly impact the way of life for small communities like Taylorsville. All over the Golden State small towns are caught in the middle of a $1.5 billion lawsuit, where the Grange Association is using a judge’s ruling to claim ownership of Grange chapters throughout California.

Taylorsville resident Laura Kearns called the Historic Taylorsville Hall “more than a clubhouse.”

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“Because we all care about this Hall, it is not just a building, not just real estate. It’s a living, breathing place for all of us to gather, celebrate — to learn, to grieve, to be,” she said.

The hall has a dance floor that is rare and appreciated. It could never be recreated, Kearns said.

“Many generations have fostered the loving appreciation of this community gathering place and legacy lives on”, she said.

Local residents like ballet teacher Natalie Landfield believe losing control of the Historic Hall would negatively impact the Indian Valley community in drastic ways. Since the Dixie Fire, space to gather has become extremely limited. The hall has become a hub where residents of all ages can come together for an array of activities, such as dance lessons, yoga, community dinners, school programs, 4-H activities, as well as special events like the annual 4th of July dance.

”Each week as I see the smiling faces of the dancers as they pour into the Taylorsville Hall, I think of how blessed we are to have such a lovely place for them to practice their craft,” Landfield said,

Grange representatives President Joseph Stefenoni and Secretary Lillian Booth will be making the trip to share with the community the of benefits of rejoining the Grange Association. They will also share what exactly the Grange is all about for those who don’t know.

Lillian Booth, Grange representative, wants the public to know that no decisions will be made at this meeting. “It is purely a informative meeting,” she said,

The meeting will be held at the Taylorsville Historic Hall at 5 p.m. Oct. 23.

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