Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Meadow Valley Fire Protection District holds first-ever election

Residents of Meadow Valley will be voting for two commissioners for the Meadow Valley Fire Protection District board, board secretary Trinity Stirling reported. “For the first time in MVFPD history, more candidates filed election paperwork than there are open four-year terms on the board, creating our very first MVFPD election!” she said.

Voters will be choosing two candidates, either from the three on the ballot or by writing someone else in. Ballots are due at the Plumas County Courthouse by 8 p.m. on Nov. 7. Voters can mail them in or present them in person. The candidates with the most votes will become MVFPD commissioners effective January 2024.

Candidate statements are below, unedited and presented as submitted. They are also posted at the fire department on Bucks Lake Road. Stirling encouraged all voters to participate, and to reach out to candidates directly with any questions.

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Dave Brown

I am a candidate for MVFPD Commissioner because I have a deep and long interest in fire management and also in the Meadow Valley community. If given the opportunity, I pledge to give careful consideration to all aspects of overseeing our fire department’s activities. The responsibilities of our firefighters are critical to our residents. We count on their personnel to respond to emergencies within our district and when needed, nearby locations. As trustee, I will make it my priority to maintain high standards.

The beauty of this area and the spirit of its citizens attracted me a long time ago. Following retirement in 2015 I moved into a new home on the property I have owned here since 1978. Having been impressed with the work of our commissioners and our firefighters, I have been a supporter of the department since soon after acquiring here.

My interest in fire management began in childhood. My family’s ranch in El Dorado County – of which I am now part owner – was twice visited by wildfire during my childhood. I learned firsthand the devastation and personal losses uncontrolled fire can cause. I observed how these fires were contained before loss of homes and lives occurred. It was impressed upon me that not all places have this protection.

If elected trustee, I bring a solid background of experience with nonprofit organizations. Among other responsibilities, I have served as president of four organizations such as Butte County Historical Society. I have also served as treasurer for two organizations. I am a fiscal conservative and I pledge to strike a balance between needs of the fire department and responsibility to the taxpayers of the district. I understand oversight responsibilities a trustee must consider when making decisions. This will not be my first experience with managing budget constraints when needs are great and funds are limited.

Keri (McElroy) Cameron

I was born in 1959 and raised here in Meadow Valley. I attended grammar school at the Meadow Valley School, being one of the last small group to do so. After my 6th grade year, the schoolhouse was closed. I graduated from Quincy High School in 1977.

After working numerous jobs in the area, I left here in 1986 to begin a career with the California Highway Patrol. I was stationed in San Francisco initially and later in the Dublin/Pleasanton area. I transferred home near the end of my father’s life and finished my career here. I retired after 25 years with the CHP. I was the 1st female CHP Officer in Plumas and Lassen County.

Like most who grew up here I could not wait to leave, but once I came home, I saw my community very differently. I have come to appreciate the beauty more than ever as well as the cohesive stability of a small community.

I have been involved with Meadow Valley Fire Department for as long as I can remember. Not only did I grow up across the street from the firehouse, but my grandfather Lowell Bader started the fire department in 1956 and was the Chief until 1965. After my grandfather stepped down my father, Ian McElroy, was appointed Chief and served until he stepped down in 1983.

My qualifications are certainly different from those of Dave Brown and Rob Gimbel, but I believe myself to be uniquely qualified. My law enforcement career has informed me on dealing with all sorts of people,
sometimes at their best but more often at their worst. I am fair and respectful. I’m also very pragmatic and plain spoken. My roots here are deep and I am very invested in the community which will guide my decision making.

I would like the opportunity to serve my community as a Director of the Meadow Valley Fire Protection
District. Feel free to call me with any questions. 283-0431

Rob Gimbel

I have been serving our community for the past 37 on the Meadow Valley Fire Department (MVFD). I am now seeking to continue to serve as a Director for the Department and the District. I feel my time as a Firefighter, Engineer, and Officer with MVFD will bring valuable experience and knowledge of its needs to the Board of Directors.

Contact Rob Gimbel at or (530) 283-0506.

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science in Forestry, University of California, Berkeley
  • Teaching Credentials, California State University, Chico
  • California Registered Professional Forester (RPF License #2161).
  • Plumas County Educator for over 30 Years.
  • Treasurer for Christ the King Episcopal Church for 20 years.
  • Forestry/Firefighting Education & Experience since 1973.
  • Eight Years of Consultation/Program Coordination Experience with: The Plumas County Fire Safe Council.

Information submitted by Meadow Valley Fire Protection District

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