Friday, December 1, 2023
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Indian Valley Innovation Hub launches Plumas Business Directory

Community members encouraged to participate

The Indian Valley Innovation Hub is rolling out the Plumas Business Directory, reports Executive Director Lara Wheeler, “in a quest to supercharge Plumas County’s business landscape.” Wheeler said the directory is a dynamic, living platform, continually evolving to meet the changing needs of local mountain communities. “It’s like having the Yellow Pages on steroids, with a futuristic twist,” she said.

Wheeler invites community members to help establish the directory by adding business listings via the online submission form at The Plumas Business Directory is available at

The Plumas Business Directory stands as a cornerstone initiative, said Wheeler, offering the following benefits for businesses and the community:

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  • Increased visibility for businesses.
  • Simplified access for consumers.
  • Local economic support.
  • Collaboration opportunities.
  • Inclusive access.
  • Facilitation of business information updates.
  • Identification of business opportunities.

To learn more about Indian Valley Innovation Hub, visit

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