Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Sidman and Kinne recognized for fire safe accomplishments

The Plumas County Fire Safe Council announces the newest recipients in the Fire Safe Recognition Program. This program presents awards that identify, and publicly acknowledge, outstanding fire safety accomplishments in Plumas County.

Personalized certificates were presented at the council’s Nov. 9 meeting to both Julia Sidman and Greg Kinne, Plumas County community members who have demonstrated initiative and leadership through their actions and accomplishments.

Julia Sidman

The Plumas County Fire Safe Council presented a certificate of recognition to Julia Sidman for her exceptional contribution to the preservation and protection of Plumas County’s resources through the Feather River Resource Conservation District. “Her unwavering commitment, hard work, and leadership skills have been highly appreciated, and we would like to acknowledge her publicly for her outstanding efforts,” stated the council. Gary Parque nominated Sidman for this honor.

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“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Julia for several years at the Plumas Fire Safe Council program,” said Parque. “I first met her at the Plumas TREX (prescribed fire training exchange) in the fall of 2021 and later as a fellow member of the RCD board. During our last burn together, I was highly impressed with Julia’s expertise in fire safety and fieldwork, as well as her ability to lead and manage crews for RCD. I cannot speak highly enough of Julia’s outstanding behavior and her commitment to being a good citizen.”

Greg Kinne

The Plumas County Fire Safe Council presented a certificate of recognition to Greg Kinne for his exceptional contribution to wildfire preparedness. “Greg has demonstrated an unyielding commitment to this cause through his volunteer work with the council,” said the council. “His hard work and leadership skills have been immensely appreciated, and we would like to acknowledge him publicly for his outstanding efforts.” Mike Flanigan nominated Kinne for this honor.

“Greg Kinne joined our core committee of the Quincy Firewise Community over two years ago,” said Flanigan. “Since then, Greg has done so much work as a volunteer, investing countless hours toward the
mission and goals of Firewise USA. He also was instrumental in developing a home hardening and defensible space inspection program for the benefit of the community. Greg has spent time and money on his own home and has kindly opened it for tours so others can learn about wildfire preparedness. Thank you, Greg Kinne.”

The Plumas County Fire Safe Council reports appreciation for these recipients’ hard work and dedication to serving Plumas County communities: “Their commitment and perseverance in improving our community safety and emergency preparedness have made a significant impact, and we are grateful for all the effort and energy they have put in.”

The Fire Safe Recognition Program nomination process and guidelines are available on the council website,, under the Recognition tab. A certificate of recognition will be
awarded to any person, business, or community that acted in a manner that helped to reduce losses from wildfires.

Anyone can nominate a candidate they feel is deserving. A subcommittee will then review the nominees and submit to the board for a vote to honor the nominee(s) with a certificate. Initially the goal will be to have an announcement at the council’s monthly meetings, which take place the second Thursday of every month.

More information on all programs the Fire Safe Council has to offer is available on the website. Various outreach programs are outlined for assistance opportunities and fire preparedness.

Information submitted by Plumas County Fire Safe Council

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