Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Our Story

Early in July 2023 Plumas News announced that it would go dark at the end of the month. Plumas and Lassen counties had enjoyed a century of coverage of local events and issues by Feather Publishing, which built from one community newspaper to a fleet of six. For the last three years we have turned to Plumas and Lassen News for 24/7 reporting of breaking news as well as sports, letters to the editor, public notices and more. All that was ending. The prospect of no local news was unimaginable to many of us who believe accurate information is a cornerstone of democracy. We quickly gathered a core group of local citizens and began discussing an alternative to the information void we were facing. By the last week of July we had a name, a website, a fiscal sponsor, and an editorial team. The Plumas Sun is a collaboration of local residents and organizations working together to inform, educate and engage with the public across all communities of Plumas County.

About The Plumas Sun

The Plumas Sun provides unbiased coverage by reputable journalists of local government, including the Plumas County Board of Supervisors, county government and the City of Portola. We post information about up-coming events provided by local, state and federal organizations. Our nonprofit web-based platform is supported by donations, subscriptions and grant funding. We work in cooperation with KQNY, a nonprofit radio station based in Quincy. As our team of committed reporters expands and our funding stabilizes, we aim to increase our news coverage to include a sheriff’s blotter, community events, features, births and obituaries, and public notices.

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Our vision is to provide accurate news that will educate and inform the public. We know that engaged, better informed, more civically aware communities will help bring about a healthier, better educated, more productive, prosperous and equitable Plumas County.


The Plumas Sun is a nonprofit news outlet delivering high-quality, objective coverage of countywide news, government and local events to all the communities of Plumas County. We produce and distribute news that meets the highest standards of public service in journalism.


  1. To become the leading source of local news for Plumas County residents, offering timely, fact-based, and unbiased coverage on matters of public interest and concern in the region.
  2. To contribute to the development of a well-informed public, support the democratic process, and help drive strong civic engagement.
  3. To form connections within and among the communities of Plumas County through the sharing of vital knowledge and information

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