Press release submission guidelines

We rely on the Plumas County community to help keep us informed about events, entertainment, business concerns, and other vital updates of interest to our readers through press releases.

To submit a press release, email In the subject line of your email type “PRESS RELEASE” followed by the title of your release.

Preparing your release

Please bear these recommendations in mind as you prepare your press release for submission:

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  • Writing. Write in third person. Try to use simple direct sentences so your release is as clear as possible. Place the most important information at the top of your release, with more detailed information and explanations below.
  • Formatting. Provide your release in Word, gdocs, in the body of your email, or in another easily editable format (no PDFs please). We prefer to receive releases single spaced, with one line between paragraphs, and no paragraph indents.
  • Art. A picture is worth a thousand words. For best results, supply image(s) in JPG, TIF, or PNG formats, at least 1200px wide. We can still feature lower-resolution art, but it may not look quite as nice.
  • Captions. Provide a written description to accompany any photo(s). Write in present tense, and identify all people in order from left to right.

Screening and editing of press releases

The Plumas Sun team screens each press release and makes necessary changes prior to posting. We perform both legal checks (e.g. for bias or libel) and editorial checks (for clarity, grammar and typos).

We reserve the right to edit or decline to publish press releases based on our editorial assessment.