Saturday, December 2, 2023
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One month of The Plumas Sun

Hello Plumas Sun readers, 

It’s been a month since The Plumas Sun began beaming  news and events to readers throughout Plumas County and beyond.  

In June, faced with the impending sunsetting of Plumas News, a group of concerned stakeholders formed with lightning speed and a shared goal of developing some sort of news outlet for Plumas County. Five weeks ago we didn’t even have a name; today we see a lively stream of news and events on a website that is colorful, functional and easy to navigate. And we could not have done anything without you!

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Your support has allowed us to develop a website that fulfills the immediate needs of our readers and communities. We are continuing to work on our internal processes and policies to continue to grow  a robust platform that fulfills even more needs of Plumas County. 

Our editorial team

Our editorial team is led by editor-in-chief, Jane Braxton Little. Jane is an award-winning freelance writer living in Indian Valley who has contributed to numerous national publications during her career. For The Plumas Sun, Jane focuses on county government. Jane is working with dedicated reporters Andrea Singer, Ingrid Burke and Lauren Westmoreland who cover city and special districts government and the regular happenings of Plumas County.

Our future

Over the next few months, you will see increased content on 


One of the most frequent questions we have been asked is, “When can I buy an ad?” We are polishing our advertising policies to ensure that we are in line with our values and the legal codes surrounding nonprofit news outlets. We understand that local advertising is crucial to our small businesses and are making sure we can deliver the best possible product. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding ads. 

Legal and public notices

Currently we are publishing obituaries and marriage announcements and will soon add birth notices, name changes, fictitious name statements, and other public notices to our site. We are concurrently working on how we can publish legal notices and public notices. Down the line we plan to accept editorials from subject-matter experts and Letters to the Editor. Please be patient with us; we’re only one-month old!


To everyone who donated to make this possible, our sincere thanks. This is a community newspaper and it would not be possible without the support from the community. We are pursuing grant opportunities and other fundraising efforts, but making regular donations is the best way to ensure Plumas County has a trustworthy and objective news source. If you are able, a recurring or one-time donation helps keep this vital service alive. To donate, go to The Plumas Sun Fund – The Almanor Foundation

Thank you, and keep reading!

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